Crested Gecko - Growing too fast?

Can a young crested gecko grow too fast and have potential health problems directly related to the quick growth?

One of my babies went from 4g to 34g in about 6 months. That’s pretty typical growth for my cresteds , she’s not the exception. I do feed a lot of various insects, and I add a few extra (well researched) ingredients to the commercial diet. None of my geckos are obese and I slow them down when they hit 20-25 grams to avoid obesity. I obviously won’t breed any until they’re all at an appropriate age AND weight.

Below is her weight chart. It’s not super scientific or on a set schedule, but it gives you an overview of her growth.

4g on 08/22/22

6g on 09/01/22

8g on 9/10/22

11g on 10/04/22

13g on 10/12/22

15g on 10/20/22

18g on 11/1/22

20g on 11/12/22

30g on 1/14/23

34g on 2/8/23

I’ve never seen any negative effects in my animals, just curious if there is any evidence of faster growth rates being detrimental to their health?


Just out of curiosity, what are the extra things you’re adding to their diet?


I’d like to know also, can’t really comment without knowing the diet. But would also like to know the humidity & temps you keep them at?
Are they individually housed?


They all grow at different rates. I had one at 35g 9 months old who was laying infertile eggs. And another at 10 months and 45g doing the same.
I’ve had some the same age as yours and weight also.

We have some here atm who are growing very quick, and others slow. All fed the same etc but each gecko is different :black_heart:

She looks lovely and healthy :grin:


Welcome to the family! Your geckos are very nice! I am glad you posted this question because I need to weigh my crestie, Mim, if I can keep him from jumping off the scale! Lol! I feed him Repashy mixed with a Flukers brand of food powder as well as a bit of pure bee pollen made for reptiles. He will not eat crickets or Dubai roaches nor will he eat wax worms. He is a picky little Mim! Lol!

I too am curious the other food types you feed……

Have a blessed evening! :blush::frog::snake::lizard: