Crested gecko ID!

Any help is appreciated!


To me it looks like an extreme harlequin partial pinstripe but @ghoulishcresties and @foxreptile can help.


Blonde harley Partial pinstripe :blush:
Looks like brindle base, more pics would help!


I wouldn’t say a blonde harlequin as they are dark base.

I’d say brindle harlequin partial pinstripe with possible white tips (crest) but would need more pics to confirm.


Blondes are that gingery colour.
Creamsicles are lighter* again.

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From my many hours of research creamsicles are orange/tangerine and high cream colour. Blondes are usually dark base with creamy colour.

This is why we need a difinitive guide to go by. We all have our own opinions so it’s just speculation for now.

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It’s a blooming nightmare :joy:
This is from researching myself.
Yellows are a, well yellow! Blondes are like that^ here’s an example below also.

And this is a creamsicle below…

I also corrected myself. I was on way to work and trying to type. Here ya go haha.

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from the exact image you sent above for creamsicle, I have found this statement.

Creamsicle crested geckos are usually flame morphs with an orange body and cream patterning. Harlequinn crested geckos can also be classed as creamsicles if they have the appropriate coloring (orange body with cream patterning)

from the same website:

Harlequin and flame crested geckos can be classed as blonde. A blonde crested gecko has a dark base color, which contrasts stunningly with its creamy back. These two contrasting colors make this gecko a sight to behold!

Only seen harleys like it though not flames when you actually find them!
But ops is a blonde from knowledge, darker blonde like base and cream top and side, and from talking to high end well known breeders. We a asked a couple back along about them as were looking to purchase one. It was a blonde up as a creamsicle (we wanted a creamsicle), and funny enough there was one up for sale recently as creamsicles but it’s actually a blonde! Nightmare for people wanting to get into them not knowing they’ve brought wrong one :disappointed:

I think we will have to agree to disagree lol

My research shows blonde as dark base, whereas the crestie op sent isn’t dark base and yours says otherwise. Will leave it to op to decide. Unless anyone else has an opinion?

I admit I haven’t seen a blonde flame.

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Took me a while to know blondes, yellows and creamsicles I must say!
Absolute nightmare, especially when people list as something else, I’ve literally just had to correct someone selling an olive as a tri. :woman_facepalming:t2:

The base is darker to the cream top and sides, so that’s why a blonde like the pic of a blonde I sent along with the creamsicle. They’re more of a gingery colour. Maybe blondes should be called gingers? :laughing:

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