Crested Gecko Lines

So it seems every crestie breeder under the sun has their own line of a crestie trrait, but which of these 1000s are actually heading somewhere or have weight behind them?.. which ones are worth noting?

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The thing is if you get in cresties with no known lineage at all then you put your name behind it.

For instance this year with Pongo and Barb, neither have lineage so any babies from them will be my own Ghoulish Crestie line.

So if I were to hold one back and pair to say one from extreme cresties, the pairing will be Ghoulish Cresties x Extreme Cresties lineage.


I think if your going to do something like Top breeders then you need to set some ground rules to qualify.

As said above, lines can be any Crestie. If no lineage then people put their own name to it.

You can have top quality geckos for sale and be new at selling, then to the other extreme of people selling Cresties for a long time that are not great quality.

There are certain lines that exist, eg Lilly White, but there aren’t many that can be tracked to specific breeder for creating it.


I think I may have worded this wrong. So I’m not talking about linage but rather “line”…

Pongo x Barb would be the linage. The project would be the line.

So like Charcoal, Flake, Dahlen Dark Line, Candy Line…where the “line” is a individual breeders project for a certain look.

Oh damn right you can, but these won’t be this breeders “lines”.

A better way of wording this might be “what breeders lines of each trait are credible and have had actual effort and planning to in to them?”


So basically if you have found a new line?


Then if it is that. Tom from extreme cresties has his own melanistic line, he was actually first to discover them by looks of it too as he’s worked on them for years, but he’s too nice to say anything to show he was the first so RCK took it. So I wouldn’t add them, as I personally don’t think that’s fair for them to have name down as first, when only found them a couple years ago and Toms been working on them for so long…

But ones like the Bubblegum line by AC yes.

Though I have also produced geckos with pink dorsals, or bright orange also as it’s a mutation obviously. And if I get more this year I’ll prove them out :grin:
I actually spoke to him about them too, as would need to name my something else :sweat_smile:


Charcoal, axanthic, lillies.
Whoever found them yes and so on :sweat_smile:


Haha this is going to be a hard one :sweat_smile:

Maybe RCL & Extreme Cresties can go down for super Cappuccino?

As they both have their own lines of them.

I still think wording is wrong because a lot of people put effort into planning them. Doesn’t mean they will produce something new.

Maybe there is another way to label them?


Im not necessarily talking about the original founders of each trait but …

More like this ^

Like, what known Red lines are there, what known pin lines are there, whos pushing these traits to new hights?

Red? Pin?…
None tbh, that’s more knowing your actual Cresties.
So people say ‘red from Phoenix’ for instance, or bloodbath, inferno etc. they’re all well known reds males which most people in the Crestie world know of.
Like splodge and autumn are known cresties.
But since they get passed along a lot or loaned then people go by their names…


Yeah, I know crimson Cresties work a lot with reds, but also with dalmations and others now too. People work with a variety of traits and there are a lot of sharing / passing on.

Both my Lilly White’s come from strong lineage, but they are known by name rather than who bred them. Same with some of my other Cresties.

Some focus on soft scale, but will have a huge amount of offspring that won’t be soft scale. Plus not everyone can notice the difference between soft scale & normal Cresties.

There are a lot of well known breeders out there, but most of them don’t focus on certain traits unless they are knew, which means rare & more expensive.

Unless the trait is new and rare, it will be used as so many traits are in many geckos and so many people want as many traits in a Gecko as possible.

Even Lilly White’s, everyone is producing them

Maybe it can be something that people specify themselves and request.

Another Eg soft scales are hard to get ahold of in UK as only a few work with them & most don’t know or don’t advertise if their Cresties are soft scale because it’s not from the original line

But it would of been great to of had somewhere to find who has soft scales as I hunted for ages. However it’s going to need a lot of updating as many people flick from different traits over the years


There’s actually quite a few in the uk now of softscales, some were for up the other day actually.

I think this could work, but other people who are focusing on certain things are going to want their name down I’d say also for certain things they breed…

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Thats where you guys as a community come in and be critical.

Like if I produce a line of say oil spots, that I have line bred for huge spots for many generations, then that’s a “line” and we will add that to the “Proven Lines” section as the “Eagle Line”.

If I’m just breeding oil spots together willynilly without a goal then that’s not a “line”, it’s the complete opposite.

I’d say the criteria for calling something a “line” is a minimum of 4 generations of pushing for a certain look/trait.


Yeah I get you.
For instance I’m holding back this girl as her spots keep growing-

She’ll be paired to pongo and then I’ll be holding another back with large spots to keep proving out as every shed they’re getting bigger, they’re quite large ink spots!


I haven’t seen any soft scales on mm other than Extreme Cresties (UK).

I get it now I think this would work, however I think it will take a while to fill as people would need to request their name to it and someone would need to do research on them to be sure, obviously we can help but we don’t know everyone.

Plus it would need updating as a lot of people stop breeding after a few years, hopefully this won’t be the case for those they put their name forward :crossed_fingers:


We’re on other sites, preloved etc.

Yeah I get it now :sweat_smile:
Took a while haha

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Okay so should we work through one trait at a time?

Thing is as well is lot of people working on same lines etc.

This isn’t really something that needs to be out there and done to be honest, I get it with Royals but with cresties it’s more the gecko itself known then the person who made it from whatever line…

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And eventually through good selective line breeding you can create a line that becomes mostly black because of ink spots. Can you imagine what it would look like when it fires up and down?!


That’s the dream!
They’re growing in size, her older brothers did too- but hers are larger!