Crested gecko mold problem

I just started a bioactive crested gecko tank and there is already mold on the bottom substrate. How would I fix this and prevent it in the future.

Springtails which I assume you have,. Dwarf iso pods with what ever others you’re using can help. But you may just be leaving it sopping wet and not get enough air flow?. I never feed my iso pods in the wet area of the tank either because most things tend to mold fast that way too. Also what substrate are you using, is it ment to grow good bacteria? Josh’s frogs sells a dry powder that’s a bio active booster as well as the bio dude sells something similar that promotes healthy bacteria . Wet dark area are going to harbour these things. I like to raise the water level by pouring it in one area and watching it go to where I want it on the drainage layer and I just regularly mist the enclosure. I water plants individually too,. now and again I give a heavier misting focusing on the substrate. Things are going to be breaking down and getting nasty. I’m still learning myself.

  • Is you gecko already in there? How long has the setup been running? If it’s bad he’d be better off in a Rubbermaid setup until you can get everything under control.

I’m pretty sure the substrates meant to grow bacteria. The setup’s very new and has only been running for a week and my gecko is in there. The mold isn’t too bad just around the wood.

Would it be a good idea to add isopods since all I have now are springtails?

Yes.isos help break down larger items and airate the soil but they need leaf litter to hide and eat or you crested will eat them up. It’s good to let any tank cycle before adding anything especially bio active. What type of wood is it? I only use mopani wood or cork bark in my enclosures. Grape wood absorbs water in my expierences.

I’m pretty sure it’s manzanita wood

Yeah ,. Is it from exo terra? I used that to start with. Got some nice pieces but the ends did the same thing you showed and started breaking down fast.

I bought them at an expo I went to.
So I should probably use a different kind of wood for that enclosure and save the manzanita for a desert enclosure.

Ever switching to mopani I’ve had no problems,. And cork flats and rounds help fill the tanks.

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