Crested gecko morph collection

Hi guys please help me identify my Crested Gecko genetics; Morph please. Also what type of morphs will I get when I breed my collection you think? This will be interesting thank you.


1- harlequin partial pin.
2- is that mud or spots?
3- patternless
4-pin dash
5- bicolour brindle with Dal spots
6- partial Pinstripe

Who are the parents?


2nd one is spots it has black spots and red spots pretty darn nice. That’s why I bought it. And I bought my Crested geckos from my local reptile stores I visited each one bought only one Crested from each local reptile store. You think I’ll get amazing colors from them when I breed them together? Thank you

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Then it’s a Dalmatian with red spots.

Problem with buying from pet shops if you don’t know the parents/lineages as they buy them all in ‘in bulk’.

So breeding any of these together with give you the same morphs as parents, but you’re also going to get morphs nothing like them depending on their parents, grandparents and bloodlines are which you won’t know. So With not knowing this you will just get ‘kinder surprises’ is what I call them. Morphs that are nothing like parents but may actually be like grandparents, great grandparents etc.

2 of them are very small and shouldn’t of been sold so young too… So personally I wouldn’t go back to any pet shops…
Make sure all eating every other day and crickets 2/3 times a week to get some weight/growth on those 2 babies.


Yes I agree on kinder surprises. Currently am feeding crickets I was thinking of small dubias as well not sure if they’d do fine with dubias?
I was wondering why they sold them to me small. Well I surely won’t thank you for that advice.

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Oh brilliant!
That small I wouldn’t, but when a bit older you can try, mine didn’t seem to like them much, but yours may enjoy them! Wax worms as a treat too I’m sure they’d love!
Some shops do sell very Young, as do some breeders, some only wait til 5g to sell. But your 2 look smaller than that?

Atleast someone has them who will care for them! :blush:
Look forward to seeing babies in the next couple years!

I agree, I don’t believe some of them should be sold as they are far too young. Some look like they haven’t even had their first shed :flushed: I’d suggest not going back to the shops that sold them that young.

I don’t know where you are, but I believe it’s illegal in some places to sell them that small

Without lineage you could get all sorts of Cresties. As @ghoulishcresties wrote… Kinder surprises.

Will be interesting to see which ones are female and which are male ♂️♀️

I love getting Cresties young, unfortunately for me I ended up male heavy… So I bought more :grin:

Some of my Cresties LOVE dubia roaches, while others aren’t as keen, but I have the same issue with locusts and crickets lol all but one seen to like the wax worms though (treat only).

Remember, Cresties females should be 45g & approx 2 years old to breed.

Are you keeping them all in separate enclosures?

As for morphs, I’d say:

  1. partial pin, harlequin
  2. Dalmation with red spots, frogbut
  3. Patternless with the Dal spots (or mud)
  4. pin dash Although could be a partial pin, I can’t quite tell
  5. Bi-colour brindle with Dal spots
  6. Partial pin
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Tha k you sir for taking your time and replying I appreciate it alot you guys teaching me alot about crested gecko world fast.

Which one of my Cresties should I keep around if male? Hopefully I don’t end up with too many males is why I got 6 of them planning to get 1 more not sure yet. But I love them they are amazing. So of I end up with 3 males I will only keep 2 around maybe I don’t know. Yes all separate enclosures. And for roaches I give them orange head roach. They have more protien than dubias my leopard gecko loves them chews they up like there is no Tomorrow. Maybe I can fee’s them crickets but not a fan of crickets.

I hate crickets, I usually feed locusts & dubias, I only do crickets as a variety. I’ve not heard of orange head roaches being fed to Cresties (or available in UK), I’d need to do research before I’d consider them.

As for which to keep, it depends what you want to look into producing. Personally I like 4 the best, but without lineage they could produce anything so if it was my choice of try to keep them all until I know which one is the female.

After my first Crestie died (of old age) I decided I wanted more and to breed them so I purchased 4, 3 were suppose to be female and 1 male. Turned out it was 1 female and 3 males, I sold 2 of the males but only after I purchased more Cresties that turned out to be male also! I now have 13 Cresties, still male heavy but with hopefully eggs on the way I might get more ladies… Or at least next year there will be Eggs :crossed_fingers:I might sell some more males but for now I’m happy keeping them as just pets :grin:

Depends on what you want to do. Do you want a pair, a trio?
Or 2 pairs so if you keep any hatchlings back they have a different male or female to go to.
We have 50 Cresties here currently. 24 of which are hatchlings, so keep in mind the amount of babies you will have to look after, obviously not as many as I do but even with 4 females (if that’s what you’re hoping for), that’s 8 eggs a month.

From what I know they’re fine for them, but do give a variety as Cresties enjoy crickets and other bugs :blush:

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