Crested Gecko morph help.... 🙂

Oh ok. Interesting. Never heard of that combo yet. She is very pretty too & laid back… :blush:

Got some more, but I’ll have to take more pictures of my other ones I have…

Her head (structure and pattern) is amazing! And those colors are great! I would pair her to a patternless Dalmatian or another flame dal that has similar colors to her and good head structure.

And if you would like me to explain how I pick out each morph I would be happy to.

That would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

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That’s a lilly white, and a really pretty one!

Thanks! Yes, she is very pretty!

I am going to say tricolor Lilly white w/ dal spots but if you have any fired up pics it will make IDing the tricolor part easier

Not atm, but when she fires she gets her brown coloring darker…Everything else is white…

Got anymore? All your geckos are gorgeous!

I learned pretty much everything I know from @ghoulishcresties and @foxreptile so they can probably help you out with learning the traits better than I can (I will try though!). Are there any geckos that you are confused with the ID on?

The new three are a flame, a flame dalmatian, and a lilly white :blush: Phantom surpresses the pattern especially on the dorsal so if there’s obvious pattern on the dorsal it is not a phantom. I do not see the first one being an LW, the white on the side doesn’t have the right look to it imo - looks like the whiteout/whitewall trait which is often what’s responsible for quadstripe so it makes sense if it looks similar to a quad :blush: It would be easier with more pics where you can see the whole gecko better

Dare based Harley with dal spots.
He’s lush!! X

Harley dalmation x

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Tricolour lillywhite with couple spots x

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Flame only have dorsal patterning, no leg or sides.

Yours are just real low expression Harley’s x

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The lily also has dal spots :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Didn’t click on images haha x

Sorry been busy all day. I wanted to downsize a little & possibly sell a few. What is the recommended, fair price range for my “redhead”? Jeff? Thank you to all that is helping me.

Depends. Is he a proven? How much does he weigh? I would say around the 100-150 dollar mark.