Crested Gecko morph help.... 🙂

Both are girls. I was wondering what morph they are please. Thank you in advance! The grey one I bought like 6+ months ago. The senior told me she used to be a breeder, & I felt bad for her. I haven’t bred her, but she keeps laying duds; Hasn’t been paired since I bought her.


Better pics of the first one would definitely help but from what I can tell she appears to be a tricolor high % pinstripe and the second looks like a phantom Dalmatian.

Ok! Thank you! Did it take long to figure out how to tell morphs?

I agree with @logar , though the first one also looks possibly quadstripe or Harlequin. The second is phantom dal:)

Definitely not quad stripe. It is much too broken to be considered one. And when most people refer to tri colors, it implies that it is a harlequin.
So if I had a Tricolor harlequin Dalmatian, most people would shorten it to just tricolor Dalmatian. Same thing applies with extreme harlequins. If there is an extreme harlequin tricolor dal, it would be shortened to extreme tricolor dal

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Thank you! :blush:

Yeah that’s what I thought. It looked very quadstripe-y though.

First is a tricolour whitewall, the second is a phantom dalmatian (:

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Thank you!

Lillywhite. And a dalmation x

Thank you! A couple people commented & I am a little unsure about my crazy redhead’s morph. You believe its a lilly? I have a few more pictures of my other geckos. I just got the “baby” of the bunch. His name is Jeff. Haha.

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This girl is very pretty & laid back.

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This one looks like a low expression harlequin or flame… I’m not an expert, so someone else will hop on and either confirm or deny lol.

This looks like a phantom to me, but the dorsal is confusing me… definitely dalmatian though.

Ok thanks! Im not good with this stuff… :slightly_smiling_face:

This one I believe is a flame with dal spots.

The dark one? (JEFF)

It’s okay, we’re all learning:) No one started out being good at morph ids, I’ve just been around and watched others id them.

This one (not Jeff) is a flame Dalmatian. I think this may be my favorite of the whole group. Absolutely gorgeous!

Ya, its very interesting to learn how to decipher each morph.