Crested Gecko Morph Help!

I got this crested gecko from a breeder who was getting out of breeding so i dont know their full norph! Can anyone help he fires up gray!

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Lateral pics in good lighting would be helpful, but he looks like a dark-based harlequin partial pinstripe - are you sure it’s a ‘he’?

Honestly no im not sure as of yet if i send a pic could you help confirm?

Sure! The laterals are very blurry in the pic, so it doesn’t really help specify the morph unfortunately

Im not sure how to get a better picture, they move so much

Not the best pic, but it looks like a female to me, the bulge isn’t nearly big enough to be a male :sweat_smile:

Harlequin pin dash with tiger. Nice portholes too!

Also I see no Cresticles so wouldn’t say he, if you can get clear pics of underneath that will help.