Crested Gecko Morphs: Ink spot, Dalmatian, Confetti, and Oil Spot

I’ve noticed that there are several crested gecko morphs that describe different spotted appearances. How do these polka-dotted morphs vary from one another? I think they are very cool looking!


Our gecko people ( @ghoulishcresties @foxreptile and @erie-herps ) would love to explain I am sure. If I can remember correctly it has to do with the number of spots.


Dalmatian morphs are a fav of mine too! So here ya go…
Dal spots is a few spots.
Dalmatian is 25+ spots.
Super Dalmatian is 100+ spots.
Ink spots is the large black spots.
Oil spotting is the green looking spots.
Confetti is 3 or more coloured spots, an even amount of each. (Big Mama has black, oil, red, yellow and recently a lot of orange but not an ‘even’ amount so I won’t call her a confetti)
Bullseye is when there’s a red spot inside a black.

You also get red, orange, yellow and white spots also along with the black, ink and oil :blush:

Some of my Dal spots/Dalmation and Supers here-


Thanks for that information. And the pics of the great cresties. I love me some dalmations.


Ghoulish Cresties is spot on!

I have made a crested gecko morph guide to help people to learn about different morphs.

It has a lot of Crestie morphs on there, but not every Crestie morph, not sure it ever will be complete lol it has info on there about spots if your still interested


Good one! :rofl:


Eeeeeyyyyyy :joy:


Well, what’s said above is great. I don’t know what else to add except that you need a crestie (or two or three). :rofl:


I couldn’t resist the spot comment :grin:


My resistance is weakening! I desperately want one (~cough~ or more ~cough~) but I’m not allowed to even do serious husbandry research until I get more unpacked. For now I’m just looking around curiously :eyes:.

Thank you much @ghoulishcresties & @foxreptile , that helps a lot! Are any of these spotted traits associated with any unusual/negative health repercussions? It’s not my intent to put down any morph, I just prefer to start out with a crestie that is likely to be ‘normal’ in terms of health and behavior.


No health issues at all!
With any morphs actually :grin:

Obviously just don’t breed Lily to Lily. Just like spiders (balls) it’s fatal.

And obviously, like my threads, some unfortunate things can happen when breeding (if you ever decide too) that is beyond our control unfortunately.
But so rare, just sad when it does.


Nope, the only problem with spotted geckos is they will pass the spots onto their offspring, which isn’t really a problem of your looking for spots :grin: dalmation Cresties are supposedly more desirable if they have no other patterns, but I just think it depends on preference. I have a couple of dal spot and dalmation Cresties with other morphs (eg harlequin) because I think they look amazing.

I hope to one day own a white super or ink blot dalmation crested gecko with no other patterning, but I’m not aiming to do that for a several years as I have other projects I want to complete first :crossed_fingers:

Most morphs don’t have any health or breeding concerns, like @ghoulishcresties wrote above Lilly White to Lilly White is likely to be fatal and sometimes a male or female just isn’t meant for breeding, but you won’t know that till you breed them.


Well unless they have a visable deformity, but that isn’t too do with morph


Yeah I’m wondering more and more how true this is… (They pass on to every baby as people say)
I hatched a patternless from a Dal pairing. Barb and Greg. Barb is a Dalmatian, Greg was a red and cream harlequin Dalmatian with a lot of ink spots.
Today it’s shed and has 1 tiny spot. So yes it will have a few by looks of it, but I think actually you can work with them and get them out you know, I actually have here a Crestie (Corpse) with only 1 Spot. So it’s gained 1 from its parents or grandparents etc (no known lineage to Corpse who has the 1). He’s with Zombie who has a few. But she’s produced babies in the past with no spots at all from seeing the images.
Phantom reduced patterning for instance, So POSSIBLY putting Corpse to a phantom say, or even a patternless (or any morph with no Dal spots-where lineage is known) I don’t think they’d be on every baby… :thinking:
(Those babies may produce some, but again likely hood I think would be less…)


This is where lineage is useful. I agree that not every baby will appear with spots, however it will probably pass on to their offspring plus the majority of the offspring would have spots.

But with select breeding, it might just reduced spots to eventually have majority with no spots, but I think it would take a long time and a lot of Cresties without spots to breed them too.

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