Crested gecko mystery death

Hi guys. My crested gecko died and had been going downhill for a few days. I just need some answers because I did everything right and it seems too odd. Through the last year I noticed he would jump and almost forget about his back legs. Then this week i noticed his back legs were stiff and he was very lethargic. Today i found him barely breathing and he wouldnt take food or water and then he was gone. If anyone has had a gecko die out of nowhere please tell me your story.

Only way to get answers is to put the body in the fridge (not the freezer) and schedule a necropsy at a vet asap. It is either it was sick, or it over heated/dehydrated. What were the temps, and did you mist often?


Did you ever take your gecko to a vet to have the issue looked over when it’s back legs “stopped functioning”?

no he his back legs still worked it was just a minor thing I noticed. He could still jump and walk as normal it was just sometimes it was like he would forget to unstick his back legs before jumping. I wonder if it was neurological.

the temps were normal and i misted daily if not multiple times daily. We did have a day where it was very hot and then very cold which may have something to do with it, but my other crested geckos are fine. I debated putting him under a heat lamp in his final days just to raise his body temp and maybe get his metabolism going faster, but i decided against it because I don’t have a thermostat for that particular heater and didn’t want to cook him.

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