Crested gecko not sticking

So I recently bought a male crested gecko on mm and he arrived safely I got his enclosure set up correctly and I put him in and left the room when I came back he was laying on the floor so I asked his previous owner if this was a normal thing for him and she said it was and I know crested geckos try and stay off the ground as much as they can
So I gave him a little time to see if he would do anything different and when I came to check on him he was trying to climb the glass except he had no stick whatsoever and I was maybe thinking ho it might just be the humidity but the humidity stays the same around 70% every day so I cant seem to find the problem and if anyone has an idea I would love to hear it

Do his toe pads look okay? Stuck shed can prevent them from climbing up

yes I checked the toe pads and they all look fine, I couldnt find any stuck shed.