Crested Gecko On Ground

He was my first reptile and is still a baby. He has been found on the ground a lot recently. He still climbs but I still find him on the ground at times. Is this normal? He has never done this before.

First off, nice profile pic- that’s an old one of mine so I’m glad some people still like it haha

As for your question, it really depends. What’s the setup like? Has there been any changes in temperature lately? Is it eating well? It is normal for them to spend some time on the ground but sometimes they do only if they don’t have enough branches / etc.

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He has several branches and vines to climb. He is eating fine for his age.

The only two changes I have done was purchased a Leopard Gecko (Who is in a different tank. I do not house two animals together) and got a humidifier.
I started to notice the humidifier was making him flare up because it made it too humid (went up to 99%). I figured this out the same day I got the humidifier so I stopped using it immediately.
However, I did get a new sprayer (I used one from Walmart but now I use one that I got at Petsmart. The one you pump up and then spray.) and the sprayer seems to hold in the humidity at about 55% throughout the day. I was told this was the natural humidity for them.
Is he jealous of the new animal (or territorial)? Is he not liking the humidity because I used to have it low but now it is where it is supposed to be?

I know this was a while ago but I recommend you keep the humidity around 60-70. I have two crested geckos (in separate tanks) and I try to keep it around 70, and they seem to do better that way. (With shedding sticking to the glass etc.)