Crested gecko pairing

Hello! What do you guys think about this crested gecko pairing?

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What were you hoping to get out of it? Be aware that patterned dals aren’t very popular. That shouldn’t deter you from breeding what you want in my opinion, but it’s important to consider. Wouldn’t personally breed them unless i had a specific goal in mind😊

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I’m in agreement, I personally wouldn’t pair these Geckos but that’s because I prefer my pattern Geckos clean.

If that’s something your going for, then go for it. Just remember that they might be harder to sell as they are not popular at the moment


I’d personally find a clean male for your female to eventually work the spots out.
As being a red extreme tricolour she’d make some beauts, but as said with spots they’re less desirable.
I’d look for a tricolour male or extreme harlequin that’s clean.
But also don’t feel you have to breed. There’s a lot of people who breed just because they have the cresties, you can just keep them as pets :smiling_face: