Crested Gecko refusing crickets?

So, today I got some medium crickets for my cresties. For a really long time, the Petco I shop at has either not had any in the right size, or they’ve been dead, so I haven’t been able to get any. But when I went to feed the crickets, Coco ate them all up, but my other gecko Riley didn’t want to eat any. He’d shake his head around if I put the cricket next to him. He ate one, but wouldn’t eat any more. He was also super jumpy, which is not normal for him. Does he just not like the crickets, or is something up?
He did the same thing with mealworms before I learned that cresties weren’t supposed to have those.


Some geckos just won’t eat bugs well. If you can’t get him to eat them, you can just kill them and mix them in with his food. He also might just be stressed for one reason or another (just because, not that you’re doing anything wrong).


As said above … Can mix in his cgd, then he may change his mind after a while. worked for one of my adult Geckos that wasn’t fed bugs prior to coming to me (although took about 1yr). But if eat before then maybe won’t take as long.

Some of my geckos turn up their nose occasionally, I keep track of it (mentally) and it’s about the same time every year. different timing for each Gecko though so still need insects :sweat_smile:

Also some Geckos don’t like to eat unless left alone so could leave them in for 30 mins ISH before removing.


My crestie ate crickets at one point in time but then all of a sudden started turning his nose up at them. FYI. I ordered some banded crickets from Josh’s Frogs when I got my Pac Man (also from JF’s) and they lasted forever. They seem to be reproducing as a matter of fact. And I don’t see any dead ones either.

If you have a critter keeper or something to house them in I highly recommend giving them a try. Of course there is a shipping fee but for quality crickets I think it’s worth it.

Just a suggestion…… :blush:


I know it’s been a long time since you’ve posted this, but I’m finally looking into it, and what amount would you recommend if I have two geckos? I don’t want to waste them, but i’m also not sure how to keep them alive for an extended amount of time either :sweat_smile:


Hello @indiflare! I really can’t advise you as to how many crickets to order because I don’t know how many your geckos eat at one time or roughly how many they eat per week.

When I ordered the banded crickets from Josh’s Frogs I had just gotten a Pac Man frog, also from Josh’s. I don’t remember the quantity I got but I remember that they lived a long long time and even seemed to reproduce because I saw some babies.

These crickets are way way healthier than the crickets Petsmart sells and I remember seeing very few, if any, dead crickets when they arrived.

So even if you over order I don’t think you will lose too many before you are able to feed them off.

Good luck @indiflare with what you decide…:blush:

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Get a tub, feed them both 2/3 times a week crickets. It should last. Just feed the crickets.

Also mealworms aren’t good for cresties as they can’t digest properly unless have high heat and even then some still don’t.


Yeah a small tub should do.
Mine usually eat about 5 locusts on each feed. But it’s really dependent on the Gecko.
Crickets freak me out so i use locusts.

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Would it be a bad thing to not feed crickets if you’re using different types of food like Pangea with bugs and then mixing it up with different fruit flavors.

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Imo live bugs are still needed. Bugs make up of most of their diet in the wild Infact, Dav on YouTube has a video on this.

I use crickets and other bugs along with the Pangea and repashy etc.