Crested gecko tail advice

Hi y’all it’s been a bit since I’ve been on, but I had a question! Has anyone ever witnessed this before while breeding?

My eldest hatchling - 3 months old in 7 days - has had these ridges on his tail since about a month and a half old. I didn’t notice them at the time, my boyfriend pointed them out to me then. This photo was taken tonight during feeding. It hasn’t proven to be any issue for him I was just curious because it doesn’t seem to be wavy tail I even felt them- they just feel like his tail to be completely honest.

He was using his tail to grasp onto my finger quite firmly as well… So I’m a bit lost to say the least any advice is very appreciated!

Edit: forgot to mention that if he isn’t at an angle ( so sitting on a flat surface ) it isn’t visible


@foxreptile @ghoulishcresties
I can confidently say I have absolutely no clue what is going on


I definitely felt the same way today,

This photo was taken August 23rd
DOB is 08/18/23
He was about to fling himself out of my hand and landed stunningly into his freshly cleaned tub :joy:

As I always say it’s the little things in life that bring me joy. Lol


It’s pretty common, it usually disappears as they get older (:


Thank goodness!!! :grin: I’m very glad to hear that, I wasn’t to worried (somewhat a lie) but just glad it’s common