Crested Gecko Traits and Morphology

Foundation Genetics Part 2, listing all the traits, trait combos, and variations to color patterns and bases found in the hobby is now live. Have a look and send us some feedback.

Everything can be found Here:
Foundation Genetics Overview

Part 1: Intended to teach genetic terminology and fix some of the incorrectly used verbiage found only in the reptile community and not in the scientific community or genetics literature.

Part 2: Traits, combos, morphology, and advanced morphs



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Brilliant! :black_heart:

@eaglereptiles @foxreptile :grin:


On behalf of everyone, I want to thank you @lmr_lmreptiles, and the whole team you guys have put together, for this work! Outstanding efforts!

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It’s such a great read!

Any discussion? Anything you think I missed?


All good I think,
Curios on grunge? As I have a phantom similar, fires down grey and up dark like yours, but if made by you and your lines I recon add onto the phantoms as your line?

Been an amazing read, multiple times :joy:

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It’s great, I’ve still got some reading to do as I’m constantly distracted and didn’t get to read as thoroughly as I’d like. I constantly have it open throughout the day.

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@lmr_lmreptiles this is a particularly valuable resource for smaller breeders who don’t have the luxury of a large internal database and opportunities for as much trial and error. I’m particularly curious about the Hypo trait and how it interacts/ stacks with other traits.

Would you say that all yellow based animals can be considered Hypo?

With a red base animal, how can you tell if it has the Hypo trait? Do we know why some phantom reds turn bright cherry red while others turn pink/peach when hypo is present?

In the guide, it mentioned that hypo is dominant (with some possible incomplete dominance), so that should mean that if I have a lineage with the hypo trait expressed through several generations the offspring will (most likely) always be hypo?

Thanks for any additional guidance! I’m stoked to bring this knowledge into my own breeding projects.

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defo check out the foundation genetics online :black_heart:


Yo! It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. Hypo is dominant and seems to stack over time so within a few gens you’ll see big results.

Yellow is its own trait and yes exhibits hypo coloration under the definition of hypo. Same with red. Although you can add hypo to these and produce some unique variations. Making hypo yellow and hypo reds.