Crested gecko weight loss

My male crested gecko lost a lot of weight as soon as I separated him from a female. It is concerning because he has always been chunky but now nothing seems to help him gain weight again. He also hates insects, we won’t eat them no matter how hard I try.


How much weight has he lost? And is he eating at all? In my experience, males tend to lose some weight during the breeding season, especially summer.

If he starts declining even more over the next two weeks, I’d definitely recommend a vet visit to screen for bacteria or parasites. Change in enviornment can trigger changes in appetite, which normally corrects itself. But it can also encourage a pathogen or parasite to take over.

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I would say He’s lost probably 8 grams
He does eat but it’s very little.

Sorry I didn’t see this post until now.

What’s the temperature and humidity in his enclosure, do you have a pic of his enclosure?

What food do you feed?

Have you thought about mashing up insects into the diet?

Does he have UV light?

It won’t be since separating him.
It’s breeding season, some males lose weight once paired usually. Females also will loose weight and not only from laying, just because breeding is stressful for them.

What are you feeding him? And what bugs have you tried?

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