Crestie food thread! 🦎

So as requested, this is what I personally feed my Cresties Gang :lizard::lizard::lizard:

So I use a lot of flavours myself, a lot…

^^^This one, was a mix of the fig and insect Pangea, black panther melonistic, growth and breeding Pangea, egg white and some bee pollen!

I made enough for the next feed too, which I then added some honey too as well to make it slightly sweet for them all :grin:
(Just a small squeeze!)

I tend to mix flavours now as it seems to be making them a lot less fussy with certain ones I have found!
And with the ‘fussy’ ones, adding banana cream pie can help, it’s a ‘treat’ one :upside_down_face:

Fig and insect’s, papaya, watermelon, apricot.

Repashy- grubs and fruit, banana cream pie, cherry bomb, mrp classic, Mango, Pineapple Express and fig frenzy

Black panther- melonistic, colour bomb we’ve also used which is strawberry and banana.

And I now add in some egg white or whey, bee pollen and occasionally honey too for them, they seem to really enjoy the mixes I make, so, so far, so good! :blush:
Amount wise, I’m sure I will get asked, it’s a pain as I ‘eyeball’ it. But say a table spoon of egg white or whey and half a tea spoon of bee pollen.
I make enough to last a few feeds though, and for a lot of Cresties!

They also get offered Crickets 2/3 times a week, wax worms a a treat, and recently been giving calciworms also which a lot are enjoying :grin:

I’ll also add that mashed up fruit a lot like, bananas, mango, strawberries! :banana: :mango: :strawberry:
We are actually going to start mashing up figs as it’s the fav food here :grin:


Feel free to Use this thread to put down what you feed, and what you use! :blush:

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So do you mix it and keep it in the fridge? Ive been still learning the nuances of the cresteds I got. I need to do some tweaking. They don’t seem terribly big on eating much.


Yes I do, I put into an airtight container, and it lasts a week in the fridge, though mine never sees that long! :sweat_smile:

Some can be very picky!
Only now since mixing a few together have the picky ones here stopped, unsure why exactly as we even use the foods they wouldn’t touch but seems all mixed in is nicer than just the 1 :upside_down_face:


Do cresties really need multivitamin supplement? I’ve seen this in the “Crested gecko advancing husbandry” facebook group.

Another question, bee pollen… Does it have to be pollen from tropical areas?
I can get pollen from Swedish bee farmers, but they are based on our nordic wild plants, and might not have the same nutrition as tropical pollen.

I got my bee pollen from buzzard reptiles as then I know it’s ok to use.
But as long as it’s natural it should be fine, if I could get it near me I would :blush:

You don’t ‘have’ to add anything into the food, I still mix a few favours up for them but me adding the extra protein etc is because it’s good for them. But not ‘needed’.
I know many breeders who now mix their own foods and having better results with holding weight and growing too, which is why I started making my own.


Can you add what each added ingredient is good for please?

Eg. What has the protein etc.

Bee pollen gives them extra vitamins and minerals, egg white/whey for protein :grin:


I will also add, don’t mess with calcium!

You already dust the insects with calcium, no need to add it into their food also, the bug dusting is enough.

Though you ‘can’ mix some with water during laying season and put in the viv as you would do food, as ‘IF’ a female needs it she will take it.


I add a little calcium in my mixes on occasion, but that is due to some Cresties not eating bugs or because they haven’t rest bugs in a few weeks or so.

Or I put it in the water

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Also want to stress.
NO jelly pots. They are NOT good for Cresties what so ever.
I rescued Cresties just over a year ago that were skin and bone because of only being fed them.

Also mealworms are hard to digest so stay away also.

Also an Overweight Cresties is an unhealthy one.
Pink passed due to being overweight, it was heartbreaking. All her organs were surrounded by fat…
So keep a close eye if you have a porker!

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I mash up fruit and mix with some CGD fortnightly to once a month. I use the CGD to thicken it up as sometimes it’s a little runny. I plan to mash up some insects also to see how that goes :crossed_fingers:

Here is what I have fed my Cresties:


Please note that some fruits are harmful to Cresties


Yay! Awesome thread!

I got my first two cresties a year and a half ago. They were fed aome petstore brand food and i immediately started getting them off it. It took a while as thats the food they were used to, and i found good luck mixing the flavors of pangea together.

When i started getting babies i graduated tonusing growth and breeder as my “base”, if you will, and added in flavors i knew theyd like to encourage eating. None of mine seem to like JUST the g&b. Now everybody eats lretty ravenously sinced i started adding in BPZ. like, they finish their bowls in a night. Amount i give them jasnt changed, thwy just really like that brand.

@ghoulishcresties where do you get your eggwhites? Is it a powder? I just started grinding bee pollen up tonadd to my guys food. Do you add bee pollen every feeding?


I actually got it from eBay. Pure egg whites, protein powder, it’s a body building page funny enough!


Do you know the use by dates once opened?

For ‘humans’ once opened it’s usually a month, but actually can last a year if stored well. Just the protein may decline slightly.

So for the Cresties it’s perfect, plus it’s already in some foods we give them and they last months :grin:

I stand corrected. They just got back to me and best before!
So you can use for a long time :sweat_smile:

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Do you ever use baby food? If it is acceptable I have been considering trying a few different ones to try and find something along with the mixes that they like.

Baby food has nothing in that is beneficial to a Crestie at all and shouldn’t be used.

If wanting to try other mixes then add other Crested Gecko Diets.
I use a few different brands and lots of different flavours.

No need to add something that’s not made for them with all the Crestie foods about.