Crestie house redo

Hubby just redid our old gals enclosure. Can’t wait to get her moved in.


I like it!! Love the plants!

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Looks amazing, your gecko will be happy.:grin:


Thanks! I’m gonna try to do our baby hognoses bioactive enclosure after he grows out a bit. If it comes out half as nice I’ll be happy. Sean (husband) has a gift with these things.

I love setting up new enclosures, it’s so much fun :grin:

I often line to jiggle bits about to I’m happy :rofl:

Can’t wait to see how the hognose enclosure turns out.
I tried to do it royal pythons enclosures, but most of them had different opinions on how it should look lol

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Lol! Sounds like my dojo loaches in my 120 gallon aquarium. Beautifully planted but they’re constantly redecorating. I gave up trying to keep it looking organized. They currently have a raft made of multiple Amazon swords that they lay about in. No point replanting them. Dig them up and back into the raft they go….I have a couple of royal/balls but they’re currently in large bins. They redecorate in there as it is. Already know they aren’t getting bioactive privileges… they gotta settle for patio and back yard time. Hahaha. I’ll post pics when I get working on it. Here’s hoping he doesn’t decide his home needs a overhaul too :joy:


I tried bioactive, they didn’t like it. So I bought fake plants instead… They take them and move them where they want. I put some climbing options in too, but most of them fell down after time (by force). I’m hoping to try again, but they like how they made it so I’ve just left then in peace. A couple love their climbing area and have kept it :grin:

I will say I’m definitely in agreement. They all have their preferences and aren’t afraid to make it known. Long as it’s safe and they’re happy that’s what’s important :blush:

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