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Hi there, I just joined MorphMarket and I’m so far loving it! The people here are positive and kind, it’s really terrific! Anyway, we picked these two lil’ Cresties up off of Craigslist from someone who couldn’t keep them anymore. I know basic crestie morphs, but I’m pretty new to the species in general. Any clue on what these two cutie’s morphs are? Thanks!

This little one here was sold to us as a female tiger crested gecko. I’m %100 she’s female, (she’s also around 2.5 years old), but I’m a little skeptical that she’s actually tiger. If any of you have ideas, they would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s another picture of the female, in case it helps.

Here’s the male. He was sold to us as a Dalmatian, which he obviously is, but I was wondering if he had any other morphs as well, which I doubt but it could be possible. He’s supposedly the same age as the female. Thanks for your help!


Would you be able to get any better pictures? The female looks to me like a yellow harlequin.

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Better pics of side and top would help.

But looks like males a Dalmatian and females tiger bit better pics will help. Fired up too! X


The female is tricky, but I think she’s a flame - a touch too much pattern on her dorsal to be a phantom, and no real (visual) tigering. Male is a dalmatian, looks to be an inkspot dal, but better pics are needed


Thank you so much! Here are some more pictures of the male and female.

Male top view (currently fired up, he’s a lot brighter in person)

Male side view (also fired up, again a lot brighter in person)

Female top view (her oranges are much brighter in person)

Female tail view (in case it helps)

Female side view (again, her oranges are much brighter in person and she is currently not fired up)

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Thanks so much! I have a reply to the thread with more pictures in case they help :slight_smile:

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@autumngeckos, thank you so much! This helps a lot, and I have posted a reply to the thread with more pictures in case they help :smiley:

Thank you! :slight_smile: I have posted a reply to the thread with more pictures in case they help. If you need any more feel free to ask! Again, thank you!

He looks like an orange dalmation.
And she looks like an orange :tiger:

Would make a lovely pair! X


Thanks! I do actually plan on breeding them, but I would like to get them settled in and comfortable first :smile: :lizard:

Ok she looks more like a phantom in the new pics, so based on those I’d say she’s an orange phantom, and he’s an orange phantom dalmatian. Would not consider her a tiger since she barely has any visible tigering; tigers, phantom or no phantom, have stribes and/or pattern than resembles tiger-stripes :blush: If you pair them together you should be able to prove whether she’s definitely a visual phantom :blush:


There’s defo tiger there with the lines over dorsal. Some are fainter than others :smiling_face:

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I agree she is definitely a tiger, it’s just not as prominent as usually is

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Idk I don’t think the tiger morph and the tigering trait is the same - Since they all have the tiger trait, as it is a fixed trait, the vast majority of geckos show it to some degree, so when I think of tiger as a morph it’s more prominent, rather than just showing it. That’s the way I’ve seen it being defined around the hobby as well, but I guess it might differ. LMReptiles’ Sabertooth is a good example of a non-phantom that is considered a tiger morph-wise :blush:

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I think it also may be different depending on location. There are different morph standards from one region to another. I agree that it doesn’t look like a tiger as it isn’t very defined but then again I am not great at IDing these types of cresties yet


Yeah it definitely seems like it, and it makes sense considering how vague everything used to be - all based on visual interpretation. So different communities around the world might have decided on their own standards that differ slightly. Same with how people have different ideas of how much pattern a flame is allowed to have, and whether the pattern on an extreme harlequin needs to reach the dorsal :thinking: I think it’s interesting to see. The general definition of a tiger that I’ve seen the most have been that they have unbroken stripes from the dorsal down the laterals, sometimes even all the way over the dorsal and down both laterals; this is in contrast to brindles who have stripes that are more abberant, and sometimes more constrained to the dorsal-area. In recent years people have started creating harlequin tigers as well that can be difficult to differentiate from phantom tigers. But they all have the tiger-striping look. Using the “Old” terminology I’d be more inclined to call this a patternless, since “true” patternless are very rare and most of the ones that used to be called patternless did have a slight bit of pattern. It looks quite similar to a few of the pics listed on Morphpedia under patternless as well :blush: It could also in theory still prove out to be a flame rather than a phantom :sweat_smile:

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Thanks! It is a little weird with cresting morphs, just like you said everyone has their own idea of what a true tiger is and what amount of tigering is needed to be called a true tiger so it really depends :person_shrugging: thanks for your help! :blush:

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Whoops sorry cresting got auto-corrected to cresting :joy: