Cresties just hatched here! (Photo heavy)

I know, I’m so excited. I finally got my girlie to eat 1 cricket yesterday! Hopefully this is the start of bug eating for her, although she did ignore the ones I put in and wouldn’t take anymore from the tongs :crossed_fingers:

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Yay’ that’s something!
I swear mine want bugs more around this time of year! So touch wood you can get her on them! :grin:

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I hope so, she is the only Crestie that won’t eat them!

This is partly why I like to buy young, I can build a bond with them and get them eating healthily.

One of my other Cresties won’t eat insects unless they are in its food bowl! Cresties can be fussy at times.

Oh I know. I’ve never seen corpse eat Pangea since I got him. Though crickets disappear so I’m assuming that’s all he wants the fussy git.

When I got Haise, he didn’t touch crickets for a year! He was 3 in may. He was a pain to get to eat them, then one day I saw him hunting and felt so proud :joy:
Chucking them in constantly worked haha.

I think other than corpse being a pain in the a I don’t have fussy ones now… But don’t quote me on that :joy: probably just jinxed myself!

I have a Crestie that won’t eat CGD out of the bowl, has to be on the side, but Dubia Roaches are fine to eat out of the bowl!

They really are silly sometimes.

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Growing! Half/half misfire on the extreme! And Red also tried eating Little tri… :joy: