Cribo Gets His Nose in the Sand

Went to the nature trail and got our noses in the sand on this beautiful day. Reaper was incredibly interested in the sparkling waters around him. Absolutely love the curiosity and inquisitiveness Drymarchon are renowned for.


Beautiful creature.


Thank you, they are an amazing species.


Alongside the False Water Cobra these Drymarchon are my dream large colubrids that I hope to own at some point. Love these guys (prob my 2 fav kind of large colubrid only behind the FWC). Beautiful cribo you have there @creaturesofnightshade. Hi Reaper I love you!!


Beautiful snake and pictures. I’m curious, do you just take your snakes to the beach for exercise? I personally would be worried about them swimming off or escaping.


I would love to do that with a Cribo, they’re just such beautiful animals and they’re so inquisitive. My boa really doesn’t like to swim so the tiny tub that I bought him and he doesn’t really like to use it :sob:

But I presume a Cribo would love it!

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How is their temperament and care?

It’s would be for an 11 year old. She isn’t afraid to feed animal, as she grew up with large and small snakes. Is it good when handled? We were looking for a pet for her and really liked a keel bellied wizard but he just got bought so I’m looking for something else, maybe a snake or lizard. She is able to care for an animal that is challenging and also doesn’t mind if she can only look not hold the animal.

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The beach area was a first for us, but I’m not worried about this big guy in particular escaping. Hes a 7ft. methodical giant. Adult Drymarchon tend to be rather slow as they take in their environment. I was always within reach of him, as well.


Gotta love them Keel Bellied Wizards :sparkles:

All of my Drymarchon are gentle giants, and their care isn’t too complex; but only you can make the call if this species is a good fit for your family. A few important things to note:

Blacktail Cribos get quite large. The fella in the photos is about 7ft, and they have the potential to reach 8ft. They are very active and inquisitive snakes and deserve large, enriching enclosures as they reach adulthood. This means you will have to consider if you are willing and able to provide them with an 8ft. enclosure.

They also consume more food than most snakes (smaller meals in more frequent intervals). They have fast metabolisms and poop a lot, as well; and while not necessary, it’s nice to offer them dietary variety (chicks, quail, fish, frog legs etc. on top of rodents).

They can also have a very intense feeding response, and food-driven bites aren’t pretty. Reaper here is as gentle as they come, but I need 24" feeding tongs to feed him because he launches out of the enclosure like a torpedo when he catches a whiff of some food.

Like I said, only you can decide if any particular species is good for your family, but the points I listed above are important to take into consideration with these guys.