Cricket breeding

So I am tired of how much crickets cost and was wondering how to breed them. I have looked at some YouTube videos but they a lot of them seemed to contradict each other. I have a 20 gallon bin and would buy 500 crickets from Josh’s frogs to start. I just way a nice and easy colony that will have a constant supply of various sizes crickets. Thanks for the help


Crickets will cannibalize each other very quickly and also build up a lot of waste very quickly.

The important things are that they have fresh food and water sources available at all times. And give them lots of things to climb around to add more floor space for them and nooks to hide

It’s fairly easy to get them started with a small container of solid or moss to get females to lay eggs in. But you would want to rotate those out to another bin regularly to avoid having the other adults eat the eggs or the nymphs. It’s also easier to keep them moist and warm in another tub instead of keeping them all together as well.

You could use a small heat pad to help supply the extra heat on the incubator/grow out bin. Just make sure it stays damp.