Critter's Creatures

Hi everyone, I am a small breeder of ball pythons, western hognose, and leopard geckos. We only produce a few clutches a year but we are trying to have a variety of offerings. We have a few small breeding groups growing up with us including Kenyan sand boas, Sumatran short tail pythons, Boa imperator, and desert king snakes. We try to make sure that our projects are well researched and our breeder animals are of good quality. We are still very new to the business and enjoy learning from all of the people who love working with reptiles.

You can find us all over the place but specifically here:

and of course:

Some of our highlights:
Our first ball python to hatch, a beautiful enchi female.

Our first world first ball python, mystic hot sauce:

Our first clutch of western hognose:

And our first leopard gecko hatchling: