Crowd sourcing morph ID's for babies...?

Were you able to spot those markers on any of the animals not identified as IMG by chance?

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When i say “Looks Like” I mean that is what I would call it.


I believe the others who mentioned appeared to show img already got labeled. I’ll go through again and take a look to be sure though.


Ok guys. More pics! I know how much you guys love it. :smile:

and older pics.

Here is 03-10.

and older pics.

Here is 03-11. Pretty sure it’s an IMG Hypo Motley…


Id say 09 is a ghost possible img, then 10 a hypo img, and 11 a Motley hypo img.


03-10… I like that one a lot!!

I agree with randall. 09 appears pos img because the face markings. Might need a few more sheds to be sure though


Just curious, what about it catches your eye?

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I love the tan saddles, the spotted appearance, the tail color. To me, THAT is what I want my next boa to look exactly like! I just love it!


And the look on his face in that second picture!

Ok, I was able to get pics of 2 more animals.

So here we go!
Fingers crossed they are easy for you guys to identify. :smile:

Here are old baby pics.

Here are the latest pics.

Here is the next one. Old baby pics…

Here are the newest pics.

Hi guys, no ID’s on 12 and 13? Your going to give them a complex. :smile: lol
Here are the last 4 out of this litter.

and newer pics

here is 15.

and newer.

here is 16.
I have him as a hypo motley.

and the last guy.

What do yall think?


I could be wrong but I would say they look like boas to me :joy:
@lumpy @randall_turner_jr @tommccarthy


Man, that is really going to bum 12 out. I know they are wanting to transition.
They really wanted to identify as a BP. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry for the lack of earlier reply. I was only on my phone till this afternoon/evening which makes identification hit and miss.

This is my thoughts on them
12 is a ghost,
13 is a hypo
14 is a motley ghost img. (didn’t think IMG early on, but the latest pix show it.)
15 is a motley ghost img
I’d say you’re right on 16
17 is a ghost img. I think this one is my favorite. Don’t know why.


I agree with Randall on all of them. I think you should just ship number 17 to Randall as a consultant fee. :rofl:


I like 17 also, the coloring is just awesome looking. I only have one Boa He is a Albino Sunglow BCI. 1 year old now. He loves to burrow under his substrate.


Hi guys. Hope everyone has been having a good summer.

I think I’m going to let 17 go… I’ve been holding off listing him because he has such a chill attitude, but 5 has more of the look I think I’m after.
I hate hard choices. lol

I also need to repost 03-01 and see what you guys think he is now. :slight_smile:
I have a vid of 03-01, maybe it would be more obvious what that guy is using that.

I need to see who else from that litter needs to be double checked. He might be the only one everyone wasn’t exactly sure on…


He won’t be listed for very long if you do end up going with 5.

Just wondering what is it that you like about 5 over 17?

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That is a good question.

Well, the description I get about 05 is he is a darker animal. Not sure if that comes across in the photos.

The person trying to give me descriptions also couldn’t tell a rat snake from a boa either… so I might not be listening to the best descriptions. lol

My impression of 05 is he is darker AKA more black, and his pattern is cleaner and more defined…

Do I have that right?

I’d like to keep 17 over 05, but I like darker in my IMG’s.

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