Cryptic Clown x Ghost Pied Eggs!

After 4 years my girl Colorado has officially had her first clutch!!! I am so so excited to start build more foundation for my eventual 4 Het visual! Fingers crossed for a mostly female clutch, she had six eggs so here’s hoping!:crossed_fingers::triumph:


I hope this works out for you!

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They did! All 6 hatched and are awesome! Now just got to get them on their first meals! :heart:

What did she have?

The babies would all be normals with het for all four recessives present in the pairing


That’s not possible with Crypic/Clown in the mix. Also I’m confused by the picture of the mother vs the title.


If the pairing was a cryptic clown (AKA crypton) with a ghost pied as the title suggests, the offspring should be het for ghost, het for pied, and het for cryptic OR clown. To my understanding cryptic and clown are allelic, so one parent that possesses one copy of cryptic and one copy of clown would not be able to pass both on to all offspring.

Edit to add that it looks like @crypticoils-pythons beat me to it. Also in agreement that the animal pictured does not appear to represent either of the described parents from the title entirely accurately.


My bad, I just read that it was multiple recessives and forgot about the cryptic/clown stuff. I get a little confused with cryptic/crypton and how it works

She had 2 Pastel Pinstripes (both males,) and 4 pinstripes (2 male, 2 female!)

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I purchased her in early 2019 I believe?

She was sold as a visual for both genes, though I do agree she is definitely very different looking from any pinstripe clown, or pinstripe cryptic I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure exactly why that is, but maybe we’ll be able to find an answer for that!

It’s either a clown, a cryptic or a crypton (100% het clown, and 100% het cryptic) becaue cryptic and clown are allelic. so there’s no way to have a snake that is both a cryptic and a clown as @crypticoils-pythons and @scissortailscales pointed out


Noted for sure!

Guess the only thing to do is hold back one of her sons to breed back to her and find out! :heart:

After some snooping around, and comparing, I think that she may be a visual Cryptic, and be het clown. Obviously I can’t say for certain since I’m no expert! But here are similar individuals who are visual cryptic, pinstripe, and Het clown!

Though all individuals will have there little differences, I think this may be the best bet? Another option is that she may also be a super pinstripe (on top of being cryptic,) I hadn’t heard of pinstripes having a super form before, but it is listed as a possibility on the breeding calculator. Considering that the entire clutch hatched out as pinstripe or pastel pinstripe, it may be the reason that she has fewer thinner patterns?

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With clown and cryptic being allelic, this is not possible.

As Hilary notes, these are the three options in regard to the cryptic/clown/crypton debate.

My personal opinion based off the images provided thus far is that pinstripe is present as well as either cryptic (meaning homozygous for cryptic) OR crypton (meaning 100%het for cryptic AND 100%het for clown). Possibly pastel as well.


Just going to throw this in here to explain why we’re saying she can’t be both clown and cryptic


By listing her as a “cryptic pinstripe clown” the seller maybe just meant she was crypton (having one copy of each clown and cryptic) allele


If it was possible to be Super Pin from the pairing that produced her and all of the new clutch are Pin then it’s a pretty good chance she ended up with Super Pin, although how many babies in the clutch changes the % chance she’s Super. (There’s still a small chance she isn’t.)

If you can get info on the pairing that produced her you can get a better idea if she is Cryptic or “Crypton.” Either way if you paired her to a Hypo Pied then all the hatchlings should be triple hets.

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Thanks for the posts while I was asleep! They were super helpful! And thank you for your patience with me!

Went ahead and grabbed the pairing that made her, and it was a “Pinstripe Cryptic Het Clown cross Spinner Cryptic Het Clown!”

I’m putting them in quotations since obviously this correspondence was years ago, and now we understand Cryptic more as y’all are informing me. Y’all are saying cryptic Het clown is not possible so, im guessing her parents were cryptons, or true cryptics. I’ll shoot the breeder a message asking if they’ve relabeled the parents, and find out! :heart:


You’re right that back then people didn’t know yet, so the original pairings far enough back was probably to a visual clown, or a pairing produced Clowns - which would make you think the ones that looked Cryptic were also het Clown. But in reality they were “Cryptons.” So then your girl could either be Cryptic or Crypton - and the hatchlings are then 100% het Hypo Pied and 100% het Cryptic OR het Clown (higher chance they get the het Cryptic unless someone can tell by looking at your girl whether she’s Cryptic or Crypton)

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Basically if you can’t determine whether your girl is carrying the Clown gene then there’s a 66% chance each hatchling carries het Cryptic and a 33% chance each one carries het Clown, but they all should carry exactly one of those two.

If you ever hatch a clown with the mom or one of these babies then the odds all shift to 50/50 Cryptic/Clown. And every visual Cryptic you hatch trends the odds towards 100% het Cryptic. It’s a fairly confusing situation, but if someone feels like checking my math I’m pretty sure that’s how it is.


Here again to ask for pricing help with these offspring! :heart:
Any suggestions would be well received. Thanks for your time everyone! :heart::revolving_hearts: