Can someone simplify this for me. I have watched several videos and i am just stupid i dont understand

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I could be way off but isn ’ tt cryptic sort of the “het” form with strong/easily. Ibviouw markers and crypton the "suptt " homozygous?versuion of it
Omg this is a mess I cant see what I’m typing bc of w. Bug in the app. Please correct me ifi am way out in left field because i want learn

Yes, yes you are :joy:

So I like to think of it almost like fruits. So for example, clown would be an Apple, DG a pear, pied a blueberry, and so on. However, there are different varieties of apples. Let’s say clown is red and cryptic is a green apple. Since they are both apples, just different types they can still be mixed. A crypton is a 50/50 red green apple. In other terms, croton is a het clown het cryptic but since the genes are related, it results in the “mix”. A cryptic is just that, a cryptic.

Sorry if this didn’t make any sense at all, my brain is pretty messed up :rofl:


You just schooled me. And while I am extremely knowledgeable about some things, like foreign languages and related literature AND breaking this app, my one brain cell that tries its best at learningmorphs and genetics is hanging oncor dear life but Cryptonwas his cryptonite

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Clown and Cryptic are allelic, both being recessive traits. When you have a compound heterozygote, it forms the Crypton phenotype. It’s the same concept as Candy/Albino/Candino


Hilary nailed it pretty well. I will just throw on that it is the same basic thing you see with Candy versus Candino or Ivory versus Freeway - homozygous versus heteroallelic