Cryptic Desert Ghost ID help

Pairing was a Pastel DG x Het DG. I did same pairing last year and did not get an animal that looks like this. Is this Cryptic Desert Ghost?


That’s crazy looking, it does look similar to cryptic dg! But I think Cryptic is a recessive, and with your pairing unless both were het. Cryptic I cannot see how it could be? Do you know for sure the genetics of the parents? Just the head of that baby alone looks different then any dgs I have seen! Really banded as well, is their any Enchi, orange dream, woma possibilities in the parents? I am trying to think of co-dom genes that may produce a similar outcome, but I am stumped! If you are for sure of the parents genetics you definitely need to hold that guy back for breeding!

parents are het DG dame and Pastel DG sire. No other co doms.

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Unless both parents were poss. Het cryptic and both proved out, with no co-dom genes I am at a loss. I have a enhancer who like a lot of dg stuff is slightly more banded and reduced then your normal, but nothing extreme like this! Look at the head it is just a small oval, neck stripe comes in and around it! Pattern is just so joined, reduced, dorsal stripe connected, crazy! Talk to some other people that have more dg stuff, but if that is just a dg then it’s the best I have ever seen! I think you may have something there, it could be something new at play, in other words a dinker. I would keep it breed it to just regular dg or even normal wild type and see if you get anything resembling that pattern. Most people think you have to get African imports for new morphs, but a lot come from captive breeding, spontaneously so you never know. Wicked looking snake, that is for sure!