Crypto currency?

Want to hear your experiences and thoughts of cypto currency for transactions here on MorphMarket .

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I have no experience with crypto currency. I do have an opinion about the use of crypto currency in general but I cannot share it on this forum.


I have no experiences because I have chosen not to accept Crypto, nor do I intend to change that in the near future. Personally, I sell a living creature, I’m not going to accept an incredibly risky virtual token in exchange for that animal. Especially since crypto is volatile and can cease to have any value overnight if something goes wrong.


Totally true. It’s downright dangerous.


Not a chance I’d use it or accept anything in that form.


I’ve allowed people to pay for art commissions with Bitcoin, never again — with how volatile the value is, I’ve lost a good chunk of money waiting for the transfer to go through because the value dropped during that time. I of course would immediately sell it for USD but you also lose more through fees and all that with PayPal.

Definitely not something I’d accept for animal sales either. :grimacing:


This is a question you should reach out directly to @mikewilbanks since he’s the only breeder I know that accepts cryptocurrency as of right now. I’m not allowed to list my opinion on the matter due to the nature of my current job.


If you use an exchange based in another country it would be adequate for hiding your funds from the IRS, but aside from just having a crypto wallet I wouldn’t risk anything other than Bitcoin or Ethereum do to how volatile the other coins can be, the ones I mentioned are typically the most stable


I think we are headed to a virtual currency system whether we like it or not …….:slightly_frowning_face:

Well we do have one- banking, paypal, credit, all virtual. No solid objects are being exchanged, just electronic data. But that’s based on realtime internationally accepted currency values, not… NFT or bitcoin stuff.


This is so true! How are the beetle tanks? Lol!