Cubaris sp. Radsada Tiger

Super underrated Isopod. When I first saw photos of these they did NOT look this amazing so I didn’t think of getting any at the time but a few months down the road I made the leap (thanks to @isopod_com) and all I can say is wow. The oranges are way different than your average “tiger” and some have strong deep pattern and some more faded where the orange really comes through. These have become some of my favorites and that says a lot cause I’m an isopod hoarder :laughing:.


Those are amazing! The Radsada Tiger is something I have never heard of before, so I may check these out. :slight_smile:


I meant ro comment on these earlier. These are really fantastic!

I’d use the term collector over hoarder. Sounds professional! :grin:


They’re quite attractive. I freely admit to approaching isopods a lot like the classic uninformed approach to art: I know what I like. These are cute!