Curious to know

can I get feedback from you guys about the biggest male ball python you ever seen. I have a male normal ball python that has been probed and popped to determine gender. Definitely a male. And he 6’1”. Have you guys seen males that big before?


Speechless! How much does he weigh? How old is he?

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Females yes I’ve seen that big length wise. Weight she was almost 6200 grams before she laid for me.
That is the biggest male I’ve seen. He puts my 3-4 foot males to shame lol. He might be a older boy to get that big.

My 16 year old male. He’s huge but weighs about 2300g.


Not sure about length (probably somewhere between 4-5 feet) but my biggest male is 9 years old and over 2200g.

Yep I have never seen a male that big! Ours tend to stay on the smaller side. I think 1300 grams is the biggest male I have ever had!

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