Custom Reptile Habitats

Has anyone ever got one of their enclosures? I was going to get a Kages, but I wanted to try one of these. I ordered one online, but still have questions about the enclosure. I’ve tried for 2 days to reach them and no one answers or returns voice mails. I hope it is just a fluke and they are a great company to do business with, because I already sent my payment. How about for the larger enclosures, 5 feet and larger, what have people here bought and how do you like it…something that holds humidity. I know many of you are snake folks, but most of them make the sizes for reptiles as well.


I heard back from the company and they are great with customer service, so I can defnitely recommend them for that. I’m excited to see how the enclosure is and I"ll let you know. How about vision cages? I hear those are pretty awesome but I never saw one in real life.

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