Cypress? Need help to identify 😊

I recently hatched out a clutch with some hatchlings that looked like they could be cypress. I have what might be a single gene cypress from the different pics I’ve studied and would like some opinions I’ll
Also post the other 2 that may also be cypress.

Thanks for looking and your time :blush:


What was the pairing. The presence of other genes may be vastly influencing appearance

Hi, so I bought this fella as black pastel (Barnhart line) lesser, pastel, calico 100% ghost

and he was paired to my normal 100% Het VPI axanthic, poss het Pied.

However the sire doesn’t look like anything any other snake I’ve seen before and it’s very clear from what has come out the eggs there’s other genes at play. I was hoping someone might be able to pick apart the genes at play.

Here some other babies from this clutch.

The oranges and blacks on the ones with black pastel are insane. They also have orange ringers. You can also see an orange ringer on the black pewter. That snake is so silver it’s almost axanthic. Nothing like other pewters I’ve seen.

Any help is appreciated, spent weeks trying to work things out lol. Now I know I have to repair him again but my ADHD won’t let me stop and I need answers lol, think I’ve looked and studied over 20k snakes and I’m not even joking, my mrs wants to divorce me I’m Married to my phone :joy: HELP.


Pics of the parents per chance?

Also, may I ask who you acquired them from and if you have their parentage info?

Not necessarily. Sometimes genes we already know well can play together in interesting ways. For example:

That would be because the animal is a BlkPastel Calico

BlkPewter Calico

They look no different than the dozen odd BlkPewters I have produced
My suspicion is that what you have lurking here would be YB. That would explain everything I see here

Yes I agree with you I do think there is YB at work also. Those orange black pastels have YB chequering.

However this is not a single Gene lesser, nor is it Lesser YB. Just took some pics on natural light. I only see sides like that in some lesser fires or lesser cypress.

I’m really not sure what this is either, it has broken dorsal striping and crazy head stamp. Really clean reduced saddles and those black dots on the dorsal.


Are these exact same ones asked about before?
Calling all experts (identifying clutch)

Hi, yes I posted them before, had many people tell me that they thought Cypress was at play. Was hoping someone with knowledge of the gene could chime in with better insight. Maybe see something in the combos.

The last post became a bit of a mess and I think a lot of people got confused what was what.