D.i.y snake racks

Hi guys I’m just wondering if anyone has built their own snake racks… I’m thinking about building my own but want to see what people have done, used, what’s rubs etc… if anyone knows of any threads on here or other reptile forums that would be a great help… thanks guys

@keelanr730 I have just been researching this myself the last few weeks. Morph Mixology on YouTube if you look through his videos anything that says Let’s Build is a DIY video. Also if you just go to their website he has all his actual blueprints uploaded on PDFs that you can download. I’m not super “crafty,” never thought I’d do an my DIY racks but it’s simple enough I’ll be using his to build a few myself. Lmk if you see something else you liked better and I’ll try and snag some of the same plans for when I do mine good luck!

I was watching that video last night haha… I just want something easy simple and cheap to make… I’m looking at making some racks for a little 7ft 9 inch high by 1ft wide sort of recess at the side of a chimney breast in the house… I want some racks as I’m looking at starting to do a little bit of hobby breeding…

Oh nice lol. I downloaded a couple of his PDFs I’m going to try one with my brother next time I visit home.

I just want something that wont look out of place in my living room hahaa


Thanks @stewart_reptiles

@keelanr730 ok bet. You want in place in your living room I’m expecting to see a “couch rack” or some kind of rack built around a fake fireplace or entertainment system with a TV lol. :joy:

Like the custom aquariums on that Tanked show. Let’s see it :joy::rofl:

I recently converted an oak tv unit into a viv for one of my balls :sweat_smile: i really like how it turned out and my snake seams to be thriving which is the most important factor.
I also made a 3 tier wooden rack out of furniture boards (think its called melamine) to use as a quarantine rack. The Melamine racks are probably the easiest/cheapest to make. For me the only downside to the wooden racks is they look a bit cheap and naff, however much you try to tart them up, but they are a great cheap start.
I will take some pictures if you like? i have no plans for what ive made unfortunately, it just kind of evolved as i went along.

@keelanr730 I am currently designing some more “professional” style metal racks, similar to the ones Freedom Breeder or Vision make… Just a fraction of the cost of theirs :wink: :sweat_smile: i could try and sort out some plans as i go along if it helps anyone :+1:


I love the metal ones but like you said they are so expensive to buy for the house and hobby breeding… if you could take some pics of your rack so I could see that would be great.


This is where I want to put 2 racks…
The 1st one is in the living room

this one would be 7 tubs high

And the 2nd one is in the front room

This one would be 11 or 12 tubs high.

I was thinking instead of making a rack I would just screw the shelves straight to the wall and not have to make a shell for the racks and use the walls as my shell… anyone got any other ideas? Thanks


Do you know what tubs you plan to use? if the recess is only a foot deep you may need to build the rack outwards a little. The tubs im using atm are just roughly 40cm wide by 56cm long. I have mine so they pull out sideways.

And the rack itself is literally just furniture boards screwed together,
Cheap :white_check_mark:
Easy :white_check_mark:

I measured the shelf heights to leave a slight gap around the top, for air circulation and so the tubs can be used with lids if wanted. I find it holds humidity well without the lid though. But i had to add more holes to the tub to get the humidity right.

It serves its purpose well, just not aesthetically pleasing :sweat_smile:

Ill give you a preview to my metal ones i have designed…

Id say just put some nice shelving up for your tubs. Just make sure you space them correctly for the tubs you plan to use and plan ahead with electrical placement, i.e you can still access all heat sources/thermostats easily and it is all safe and neat.

Good luck with your build, keep us updated :+1:


Here’s my TV unit viv @thecrawdfather :sweat_smile:

p.s the door is open because its so hard to take a nice picture with the glare etc, you will have to trust me when i say it looks nicer in person :sweat_smile:


The recesses are both 40cm deep so I found tubs which are 40cm deep aswell… I think I would make the shelves a couple of cm longer so they over hang the tubs slightly. The one with 7 tubs they would be 40cm deep and 79.5 cm long and the one that would hold 11 or 12 tubs would be 40cm deep and 60cm long.

The one that holds 7 tubs I would use for breeding females and the one that holds 12 tubs would be used for males and some of the tubs I would divide and use for hatchlings

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Those metals ones look really nice and sturdy…

I’ve always wanted to do a tv unit or a coffee table into a vivarium they look so cool

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always nice to have a little extra, i think mine has about a 5cm over hang.

Its so easy, just find a nice piece of second hand furniture to work with. Plenty of videos online on how to make things if you’re not that much of a DIY person :+1:

As someone with next to zero DIY skills, I managed to make a hatchling / juvenile rack for last years’ babies that isn’t the prettiest, but it was very reasonable financially and I’ve had nothing but happy little noodles for the last year, lol. I used a wire shelving unit (48" x 18"), insulation board (sealed all edges) and 4" heat tape. The rear and 2 sides are fully insulated, the shelves are insulated too, but I left a couple inches around the edges for air circulation and to avoid too much heat build-up. I’m only a hobbyist so I’ll only be doing a couple or so clutches each year so this fits the bill so to speak, lol. Here’s a few pics:



I have those same kind of shelves just smaller scale for my snake room. Gotta love them.