Dalmatian family photo 🥲

This is Big Mama with her 2 daughters, Clementine and Starburst. Big Mama is around 6/7 and 54g (Weighs more when not breeding and laying!) Clementine is 10 1/2 months old and 33g, and Starburst is 8 1/2 months old and 17g. I think we know who’s gonna be the biggest :joy:
Big mama is a Tangerine Super Dalmatian with ink spots, Red/yellow and orange spots and Oil spotting, Clementine is a Tangerine Bicolour Dalmatian with Ink spots, Red spots and oil spotting. And Straburst is a Dalmatian with Red/Orange spots and Ink spots. Wanted to see size difference between the 3 Dal girls and weights, so why not grab photos aswell!
Clementine and Starburst are hold backs so I’m keen to see what they produce! :grin:


This is too cute!

They’re the only holdbacks i kept from Big Mama and Kaneki, they won’t be paired ever again either. But she was holding sperm for over 3 years! :woman_facepalming:t2::sweat_smile:
But these 2 had coloured spotting so Ofcourse had to stay! :grin:


So Clementine went to a new home last week! Was a hard decision as shes grew huge! But I didn’t have the right Male for her and the woman who has her now has the exact same morph but a male! So when she’s gained another 7 grams she’s going with him! And she’s going to let me know when they get paired and show me babies so I’m happy! :blush:

But Starburst (below) is staying and will be going to my Phantom Lily with red spots (Naruto) next year! :blush: since his mum was a confetti I’m hoping pairing them will possibly result in some! Also he’s getting Akira :wink: haha.


I like the look of the Dal spots!

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Starburst? She’s a strange Dal, has quite a few just going down her back. I like the fact they’re ink spots but the red spots are little :sweat_smile:
She’s just been moved up and now in a big 90 tall along with her mum and a couple other girls! She’s loving the room that’s for sure. She’s 22g now so thought was best to give her more space and I’ve been lucky enough that all my females are chill and they all huddle together at night too so they’ve fully accepted her :sweat_smile: Wonder if Big Mama knows it’s her baby? :thinking: Doubt it but still cute seeing them together :blush: