Dark BP? Possible morph?

So here are pictures of 3 females I have. I thought they all were normal until I had a friend come over to help probe them. He mentioned that one didn’t look like a normal and now that I look close he may be right. I’ll post pics of all three, the first two pics will be of what I think are normals and the last one is the one I question. The two have like a tan color on the sides where this other one is a darker color. Almost like a chocolate brown. Any ideas if it could be a morph? I am not familiar with the darker morphs I normally only deal with the lighter ones! (Like pastel, banana, spider)


I’ll admit the pic are pretty hard to tell. I’ll get some pics on my dark couch with sunlight today.

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Because an animal is dark does not make it a morph and vice versa. Normal are very variable from light to dark, from reduced to busy, from clean belly to busy belly.

Based on those poor quality pictures I will say normal


Thank you! That was my initial thought too - just a darker colored normal. But it never hurts to double check right? :slight_smile:


Nope it never hurts to ask. This is the place! Very nice snakes