Dart frog question

Does anyone have a non bioactive dart frog setup? I’ve never kept any dart frog species, I’m just curious. all of the dart frog tanks I’ve ever seen have been bioactive, so I started wondering whether that was the standard, or if that was just a coincidence. If you have a non bioactive dart frog enclosure or know someone who does, share a pic below!

Only ever had bio. Wouldn’t recommend anything but as don’t do well at all.


Humidity control is a MUST for keeping amphibians, especially dart frogs, and keeping them without live plants to create and help maintain the appropriate level of humidity they need to survive is risky and dangerous. The only example of a non-bioactive environment I have EVER seen for dart frogs are the deplorable conditions you’ll find them in at places like Petco and PetSmart, and they still have to use bunches of dampened moss to keep some level of humidity. Whether you mist by hand or use something like a MistKing or similar, you still need a way to retain that moisture, and dart frogs will also use the plants for cover and breeding, they play a few different roles, so there’s a lot more going on than someone just wanting to keep live plants in an enclosure.

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Bioactive is definitely standard practice, it looks nicer and solves mold issues that arise from the high humidity dart frogs love. Begonias and pothos do very well in dart setups even if you lack a green thumb, and the plants provide extra climbing spots and microclimates. The springtails and dwarf isopods used will also be extra snacks for the frogs in question along with cleaning up after them. I wouldn’t recommend a non bioactive enclosure for dart frogs.

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