Day gecko enclosure

Hey there MM community. I just got a new enclosure 18x18x24, for a pair of giant day geckos, that I’m looking to breed next season. And I was looking for some nice looking live plants to add to it. I feel this could help others that are looking to do the same thing as me so add photos with the name of the plant to make it easier to identify. Ill be uploading photos or video of the process, or you could just follow my IG account, for quicker access. I’ll leave you a photo of my current 18 cube, just so you have an idea how I keep my bio enclosures, and a photo of the pair as well. Hope we all enjoy this topic very well. Thank you all.


These are a bit heavier so you’re going to want stronger plants.
My two recommendations are pothos and bromeliads. They come in many different types/species/colors so there is likely something that you’ll like.


Yes, I’ve use some of them in other enclosures, love them all, great colors :blush: