Decaf Update

First baby from Decaf X Cypress (owned by Sanity Geckos). Great collab but a bit unlucky. One baby made it, and its sibling breached but i guess was to weak to make it out… or something. On the bright side this baby doesnt look bad! Let me know your thoughts! Shes having an off season her first year breeding, thats okay tho.


That is bad odds, but cute little one.

Looks as though either Decaff & Cypress are not good together, or decaf may be better as pet only :pensive:

Hopefully the last egg will hatch :crossed_fingers:

How has Decaf been?


How did you pair them?

Did you put together for a few days then separate or?


Shes been good! They were fine together, i usually saw them next to eachother. It is her first year, but i have another first timer that has given me 14 eggs so far and still seems to be developing. I may just give her a break and pair another male at somepoint and get a better idea. I love her, so if she does have to be just my pet in the collection and retire her so soon, ill be okay with it :green_heart: shes hasnt shown any signs of being stressed out, so far ao good on the outside!


Yes, i typically do 4 days on, 3 days off. Sometimes a bit longer give or take. She was super receptive with no issue letting him lock, so a bit confusing. I used to do monitored pairings in 6qts but thia year i decided to try something new. Shes done the worst out of the 6 girls i have going. Onw first year girl has given me 14 perfect eggs so far


It happens, I have a pet only girl here because it was too stressful for her.

She just might not be ready. I’m sure you have her at weight and age, but maybe her body needs more time.

I think it’s more likely the 2 weren’t compatible though

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My guess is literally that, just not compatible. She was picked up in 2020 (i got her second hand) and shes 48 grams last time i weighed her after slugging out :confused: . Gonna give her a break and try one more time in the future. Being in no rush is such a relief.

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Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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