December 2022 VoTM Voting Thread!

So, we will still have a vote but I would love to tell @voodoomagicboas congrats on the win!

For the vote!

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Awwww! Thanks, @lumpy and all! Even though the competition was light this month :smile:, we are still 10000000% honored for the win :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:!

We do have so much fun making these videos (and this one in particular was SUPER special b/c of the wonderful people involved!), but we definitely don’t want to be video competition hogs!

So we’ll wait to post for a bit until we get some other awesome :movie_camera: videos up here. We at VMB love this MM community and want to see more of everyone’s talents! :nerd_face:


This video was super fun!


Yay! It sure was! Looking forward to lots more :video_camera: and good times in the seasons to come! :sunglasses::metal::snake: #friends