Decoding Desert Ghost - Reptile Genetics Weekly, Ep. 10

What’s going on in the world of reptile genetic testing???

Dr. Ben Morrill of Rare Genetics, Inc. presents the next episode in Reptile Genetics Weekly, a video series where we discuss genetic research in reptiles.

Episode #10 includes our weekly test update, a cool case of parthenogenesis in crocodilians, and lastly an in-depth discussion about the Desert Ghost Morph that has eluded explanation in the Ball Python world… Until now!



Im betting that Enhancer is just HOM HOM DG, posting for posterity.


I think the “additional genes” at play, yet to be identified, will be the differentiating factor between DG and enhancer.

My initial instinct upon hearing this news was that it would devalue DG/Enhancer but I doubt that will be the case. If anything it adds more depth and potential genetic variability. We already know how useful the DG phenotype is with various combos.

Interestingly, I’ve been banging the “Ball python breeders don’t pay enough attention to polygenics, always searching for the quickest single gene mutation combos” for years now. It’s more prevalent in boa breeding (where I came from). Given one of the best ball python morphs is now proven polygenic people will begin to understand how powerful polygenic selective breeding can be!