Deep Heat Projectors [good or bad?]

Currently I use heat panels and heat emitters but recently learned of deep heat projectors. Anyone have experience with them?

Would one 100w make a nice temp gradient in a 6ft enclosure? I plan to have a heat light as well during the day for a better basking area but I need something to keep the ambient temp up during the night.

I’m working on 2 enclosure builds right now for a pair of tiger rat snakes, originally I planned to use a heat panel but these projectors seem like a much more affordable option and sound safer than heat emitters.

Deep Heat Projects can be great, but they’re more suited to increase hot spots, not really ambients. Unfortunately, that amazon one isn’t a true Deep Heat Projector. It’s going to be more similar to a CHE. Pangea and Arcadia sells DHPs, and Petsmart even carries Arcadia now. I’ll always recommend halogens for during the day, and a CHE or DHP at night, depending on what your room temp is and what temps the animals require. Halogens you can get them from Pangea, Arcadia, or even home improvement stores for much cheaper


I can 2nd that the Amazon one being more like a CHE. I picked one up for some testing and it had the ceramic socket hot enough it was causing problems. I would only feel safe using it with a pendant/hanging style ceramic socket that is rated for high heat.

I would argue that these are good for a hot spot in horizontal cages but they are ideal for a heat gradient in a vertical cage. I use one in my chondro cage and she adjusts herself up /down as needed on the side that has it and then shifts to the opposite side once she gets to her comfortable temp

You can use them for general heating as well as basking applications.

My observation is that, since they are directional they tend to be more efficient for top the enclosure (external) heating setups versus the CHE due to focusing the heat into the enclosure.

I am reluctant to use any generic Amazon items for things that present a potential fire hazard. I currently use the 80 watt Arcadia heat projectors. Prior to adopting the heat projectors I was employing 2 150 watt CHEs for one of my enclosures and now I am using 2 80 watt heat projectors.

Have you found any information on the projected life expectancy for the Arcadia DHP? That is the only thing that has me hesitant to implement them in large scale.

Sorry, no. I have been using them for only 4 months.

Update on longevity? I’m now shopping… @hsashton

I spoke with Arcadia regarding lifespan of their DHP.

This is the response

"DHP lamps, when used correctly have a longer average life than most heat lamps. For most of us this is 2-3 years, some a little longer. This depends entirely on angle of placement, how hard the lamp is run, ventilation around the lamp, method of control and good surge protection

You should use dimming thermostatic control with these lamps, this is more natural and places less stress on the lamp. Have the lamp properly secured into a quality lamp holder facing directly downwards and able to vent and have an inline surge protector."