Default Policy Update For Virus Testing

The MorphMarket Default Store Policy has been updated to support virus testing.

We believe it’s in every keeper’s best interest to quarantine new animals coming into their home or facility. Additionally, since viruses can hide in what appear to be healthy-looking animals even beyond typical quarantine periods, many keepers may decide that virus testing is worthwhile.

These tests are available in kit form that can be performed at home and sent into a lab for analysis. In particular, they can test for Nidovirus (which can cause severe respiratory infections and pneumonia) and IBD (Inclusion Body Disease), and Crypto. Here is an overview of viral diseases in reptiles. For information specifically about Nidovirus, check out this interview with Fishhead Labs by Chris Eaton of Snakes and the Fatman.

The Default Policy already includes the guarantee of a healthy animal with no substantial sickness, and such issues can be reported within 4 hours. Since virus testing requires more time, we are making this amendment of a longer claim period for buyers who proactively test their purchased animals and find a positive test result.

In order to be protected in this event, the buyer must take the swab and package it up for the lab, with the shipping label, within 2 business days of receiving the animal. Photographic evidence may be required in the event of a dispute. In addition, any positive test results must be reported within 4 weeks of the time that this test kit was shipped.

If a buyer messes up the swab and does not get a valid result, the seller will no longer be held responsible beyond the standard or agreed-upon health guarantee.

This change will become effective January 1, 2022 within the Default Store Policy.

As a reminder, sellers may choose to opt out of the Default Policy, so long as this position is explicitly stated in their own Store Policy. For example, the seller’s policy could state that all health issues must be reported within 24 hours, and virus test results outside that time period will not be considered. We always encourage sellers to customize their own store policy.

We have been wanting to make this change for a while, but delayed until we had our new On Site Notification system in place, which is a reliable means to alert users to important updates like this one. This timing and notification process will give sellers ample time to make changes as they see fit.


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