Default Store Policy - Genetic Testing Agreements [5046]

I mentioned this in another thread and it was suggested I request it, so here it goes.

Since DNA sexing is now available for BPs & colubrids, it would be nice if we could add a feature where buyers, who purchase an animal for which testing is available but hasn’t been done, are given the option to immediately purchase a test for that animal. As long as the buyer documents the receipt of the animal, shedding, and sends in the sample in a timely manner, this would allow them coverage under the default store policy in regards to the guarantee of an animal’s sex.

As of right now, the claim period for coverage is only a week, and the SoL 60 days. The reality is, not many people have access to someone with the experience or availability to sex an animal in that short of a timeframe. It is only fair that both parties be given equal chance to prove an animal’s sex.


I like the idea, but what stops me from sending a known male’s shed in, and claiming it was the female I’ve just purchased from you?

I feel this would be abused badly.

The DSP states:
“If Seller ships a wrongly-sexed animal as proven by the Buyer, they are responsible for FRR.
Claim Period is 7 days and Return Period is 1 week.”

But if there is an agreement between both parties before the purchase of “if I test this animal within [x amount of time] and it comes back as [OPPOSITE-SEX-TO-ADVERTISED] then do you agree to an FRR/replacement/credit?” Then that’s part of the contract that you enter, and DSP would not kick in for that point.

I think the best addition to the DSP on this would be …

“Any buyer who wishes to have guarantees based on animal sex that would fall outside of the Claim Period should discuss this with the seller before purchase. Agreements should always be in writing.”