Defensive, Back Arching, Biting

I’m newer to keeping multiple snakes so I’m seeing different snake personalities. I went and picked up a 2019 hatchling about two months ago. The day I got her home she tagged me three times. Since then she tags me anytime I handle her. She bites the hand that’s holding her. She stays stiff and if I ball her up she comes out of it looking to strike. I’ve been trying to handle her down. She eats anything I put the in front of her. My biggest concern is every time I touch the bin she strikes or is arching up. I don’t bother her unless for maintenance or handling which I don’t try to over do. I’m fine with her not being my chillest snake but I don’t need her being full grown with this attitude. Her morph isn’t know to be aggressive, and I know some snakes are just like that but I was wondering any tips for taking some of the defensive behavior down a notch.

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The key are proper feeding, optimum security, low stress.

They grow out of that behavior when they reach 250/500 grams.


I have a little similar snake at home. I think I made couple of mistakes with him, for handling at first after arrival. But after he had been around about two months(minimum moving and only feeding/cleaning) , I started handling it.
My first advise was, that I should turn his head gently away from me, that he comes off from defencive mode (or eating mode). And you know it happens when snake starts to crawl away from you. That was the moment I picked him up and sat down (tube next to me) Ofc, he goes back to the striking mode, but I just let him be in my lap, and watch away from him, plus stayed still. After some time he started crawl I moved my hand a bit, and do this again. You want it to be good experience, nothing happens. I let him crawl as long as he crawled in or close to his tube.
It took about 2 months for him to get to know that it is save when I handle him. Sometimes hi is still unsure am I threat or not :sweat_smile:
I know this isn’t the fastest way, but It helped. And sure your feeding schedule is correct?


I want to say she’s pushing 165g. I don’t weigh most of my snakes regularly (yet) even the ones that “enjoy” handling. I’ve been on a schedule of feeding every 7 days, As long as 10 days (after she switched to rats) and as low as 6 days. She only skipped the first time I tried to feed her. I was told by a few people sparatic scheduled feeding is favoured over a true schedule(I’ve been told opposite also). Everyone else seems to be getting on fine. I will work with her slowly, hopefully with some weight and age she starts to realize I’m not gonna hurt her. She was one of the breeders last 2019 hatchlings, she wasn’t handled on the regular and was a fussy eater when she was young. I feel like Stewart Reptiles might be onto something and also that she is so bitey cause she wants to gain the weight. Lol idk. I do appreciate the reposnses from you guys.


At that weight I fed every 5 days :see_no_evil: But it will be fine. In her own schedule :smile::heart:

I just figured with her on rats now she was doing fine weekly give or take. She has bulked up a lot since getting her. Was worried about regurgitation and power feeding or over doing it rather. Edit,. Which is dumb thing to say since some breeders start straight off from rat pups

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