Defensive Ball Python With Stuck Shed

Hey all, I got my first ball python (Venus, het clown) about 2 weeks ago. After the first week I noticed she was shedding, so I boosted the humidity to 64% and made sure she had some rough decor to help.

I checked 24 hours later and she only got the face off and the rest got stuck. I’ve only had one snake in the past who got stuck shed and he was super chill, so it was easy to help him out, but Venus is very scared of me so I’m having some trouble. I tried putting her in a tub to soak with a towel to rub against, but after 45 minutes she barely got any off. I instead tried holding her with the towel and using it to rub the skin off as she moved which worked well, aside from the area around her neck. There’s a good 5 inches of stuck skin that I can’t get off because it’s so close to her head and she tries to bite if anything moves even remotely close to that area.

Does anyone have any advice on how to get this part off? I’ve just added a humid hide to her enclosure to see if that helps, but I’m scared of hurting her if she can’t do it herself. The humidity is currently sitting at 56%, and the temps are 33°C (hot spot) and 26°C (ambient). Thanks!

I would give it a day or so. Most likely it will come off by itself it would be pretty rare if it doesn’t with proper humidity. Thanks for all the detailed info, I’d say leave her alone for a day or so and she should destress and get the rest off just fine.

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I would watch the humidity hide setup Snake Discovery posted on their youtube channel

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Okay, thank you! I tend to worry too much which I know doesn’t help :sweat_smile:

Everyone does. It’s ok :slight_smile:

I wanted to add the vid here