Deleting listing with prior inquiry

Hi! I’m wondering if it’d be possible to delete a listing with prior inquiries that did not result in a sale, and is 100% for sure no longer for sale. Right now the system automatically flag it as “sold” when I tried to delete, but that’s not accurate for my record. Thanks for your help.

Hi Runica

As your animal is no longer fo sale your best option would be to try the “expire” option on your ad which would take it out of public view, as if it doesn’t exist.

If you need help with anything else feel free to ask :blush:

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Hi Runica,

If you decided to no longer sell the item, then you can delete the ad. This is fine as long as you do not plan to list it again.

Otherwise, I would do as Thomas suggested and mark it as hidden/expired.



Sounds good, I will do that. Thank you both. :slight_smile:


What happens if an animal sells and is deleted but it ends up not leaving or has been returned? I recently ran into this issue with an animal the customer couldn’t get feeding. The day after I got it back it took a meal no problem, but the buyer just wanted a refund.


Hi Brandon,

If an animal is sold then that ad should not have been deleted. Deleting ads is really only supposed to be used when an ad was created in mistake. So if it’s been marked as sold, you can simply change its availability back to “available” again and the ad will be live.



Thank for the clarification. Much appreciated.