Desert ghost bamboo

Edit meant to attach the calculator plans. Edited to add them at the end.

I have a desert ghost male and a bamboo het red axanthic female, this is the breeding scenerio i see panning out the best with as few normals as possible (it should theoretically produce none) kinda wish the genders were reversed so that it wouldnt be a 3 year wait for the back breed, but alas, finances say it cannot be so.

What are you guys thoughts? Is this the route you would take to get bamboo desert ghost? I am trying to avoid BEL bam bams as i believe it would hide desert ghost, which is currently a more desired morph. Things may change as the market prices move around.

Ive only seen 1 desert ghost bamboo so far, though it also had pinstripe and pastel. Cool looking animal :slight_smile:

I have a couple other projects for sustainability and one pet project, but im trying to think of good combos and how best to achieve them without flooding the market with more wild types.

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