Determining quality in pastels

Is there a way to determine how badly a pastel will brown out?

I’m not usually a pastel person but we picked up a hatchling pastel last year as a 2 for 1 package with the Mojave spotnose I purchased. Hopefully all the photos linked fine lol. First photo. White background:breeders photo. Second photo:pickup day. Third and fourth are most recent about a month ago. Sitting at 1134g


guess the photos didn’t all upload lol. Breeders photo here

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pickup day 94g

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most recent photo.


Pastel will brown out there is no other way around it unless you add another higlighting mutation.

As far as picking a young pastel, you want to pick the brightest one with the less orange, orange turns to brown.


I do know they all brown out regardless…ive just heard different ways of determining quality. For example. Some say you won’t know until they hit 1000g. Others say you can tell from first shed. What’s your opinion on the pastel female I posted?

For her size she looks very nice definitely something I would be proud of or breed.

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Thank you very much. Have not quite decided where she could fit into my breeding plans but I’ve got some nice males she could be paired with.