Diablo blanco leopard gecko

Hi I have a pair of Diablo Blanco geckos I recently got and they seem not interested in food . Probably they need time to get use to there enclosure. It’s been a week or two already and they just look and follow the food but then turn away. Any ideas to encourage them to eat ? Or do they most likely eat at night when there more active?

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If they aren’t eating then it would help to feed them around dawn and dusk when they’re most active. Depending what kind of food you use you could try to make it move more to increase the prey drive. Also if you just got them it might not be a problem.

Okay yeah because the food is alive and the mealworms move so it catches there attention but they end up staring at the food , even at the Dubai’s they just stare . I leave a dish with food Incase they eat while I’m asleep and a dish with vitamins and calcium so hopefully they’re eating and I’m just not noticing

You could try tong feeding or putting a dish of mealworms in their enclosure. Tong feeding should entice them enough if it’s right in front of their face. If those don’t work you could try different types of food, even waxworms to start off with.

Okay thank you and I have tried feeding them with food in front of there face and just don’t seem interested. Currently out of wax worms just have dubias but I’ll try the wax worms and see if that helps. I do know they are drinking water , saw them this morning. Thank you for taking time to respond

Did they start eating? Hope are they doing okay!

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Yes they started eating , and I believe the female laid too eggs so hopefully I get some babies